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:Together, lets create a better living space:

This community is for those who are Torontonians, considering being Torontonians or are interested in Torontonians. The focus is on The Working Poor and The Hardly Working.

We offer a playground of information related to: assistance in getting by; information to improve financial success; career and self employment; working with the government, society, and non profit organizations; and enjoying life more - with little to no money. Please also feel free to post advice and questions! If something doesn't work well within the community, myself or others will let you know.

We encourage posts on: articles, essays, bartering, tips, tricks, polls, deals, and discounts when related to being poor. And these posts *should* be related to Toronto and being poor.

If you want to ask for buying advice that isn't related to being poor (ie the bare necessities of life and work), please go over to frugalto and we will be happy to see your posts there.

Posts we don't want to see:

http://www.livejournal.com/community/poorinto/66942.html A good rule of thumb, but there are always exceptions, is if the post *mainly* benefits *you* (by way of an imbalance) then that might be a good indicator that it won't work here.

Refer to: for further information.

While it's my hope that the community stay "positive", I do not like censoring thoughts and ideas that are related to our topic. Please keep an open mind when reading potentially confrontational posts and ask questions about your assumptions before making a negative final judgement.

What does it mean to be poor?

I believe "poor" is a subjective term that each individual defines for themselves. The government, dictionary, and other people might try to define it but that's ultimately not very helpful.

And a lot of people do not want to associate with the term. Therefore, might I suggest that if you feel that way, please consider creating a new journal for "community" posting? That way, you can join and participate without anyone knowing who you are.

Also people who do not consider themselves poor have shown interest in this community and I believe they can also contribute to the group. So, just because someone is posting something, it doesn't necessarily mean they are "poor". They just have an interest in the community for whatever their reason.

Social Workers, Activists, Recent Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Discount Shoppers, Students, Penny Savers, and others are also more than welcome to join the group if they believe they can add to the community objectives. :-)

Other communities of potential interest include:

toronto, organize, torontoartists, toronto_jobs, shoptoronto, livingspace

Canadian sibling groups:

poorinlondon (a new london group can be created, just email me please)
poorinkw (a new KW group can be created, just email me please)
American sibling groups



Cousin groups
Distant cousin groups poor_skills, dumpsterdiving, poor_people, pauper

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Mod Info: Mods add entries into Memories and delete posts that are off-topic. Before deletion the mod will "flag" the potentially off-topic post and ask the group for feedback -- if no objection is made, the post will be deleted.

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