Business Idea № ... Toys -- easy, fast, profitable.

My decision to build a business only to that benefit. Ten years ago, decided not to earn money on cigarettes, alcohol, etc. But now offer a good business idea. Today there will be about wooden toys, or rather on the dice.
Toys play a big role in the upbringing of every child of preschool age in shaping cognitive processes, developmental thinking, imagination and fantasy.
Visited the studio of a friend the carpenter engaged in manufacturing furniture, cheap to buy unwanted residues from wood material production. Bought in a store of household goods of different colors of paint for wooden surfaces, brushes, miniature machines and electric saw electric planer.

Business Idea № ... Sell fish.

Sell fish

The task of every entrepreneur to create value-added, or to identify it. Thinking about their city and its region, he concluded that I, as an entrepreneur, you must use the strongest growing back in our region. Engaged in placement of vacationers and fish. But today I want to talk in detail about the fish!
As it turned out, when the broker finds a good market, the seller is ready to give a good discount. Thus, he (the mediator) will automatically receive the following: "the identification of added value."
Second, the seller needs a buyer. And I as a mediator is needed revenue. Therefore, my task is to find this same buyer. Pocketing a percentage of the price of kilo of fish, we create added value.
I began to search for potential vendors. By the end of the second day, I already had two



Today, I want to speak on the topic: " 
Types of Business . " Since everyone who has ever wondered " How do I earn ? "thinking about types of business . And not just thought, what business do , and every type of business , to try on. It does not happen that one and the same person, would be a good seller of flour and steam locomotives, that the same will build houses and make "towels." Everyone should be in place to help the system, then the system will help him.
                          So first things to start - is to learn three main areas...

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Colonel Hans Landa

Wednesdays Roast Chicken at Longo's

Every Wednesday after 4PM, roast chickens are $6 .99 at Longo's!    Yay!  Cheaper than buying a raw chicken and cooking it at home. 

You can eat it as is, or make things like chicken pie, chicken soup, chicken and dumplings, chicken salad et cetera. 

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M&M Memories For Money $100 giftcard giveaway [daily entry!]

M&M Meat Shops is giving away a $100 gift card every day during October, with a grand prize of $3,000 cash to be awarded at the end of the contest period.

From the M&M Meat Shops Facebook page:

To celebrate 30 years of M&M Meat Shops, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with the Memories for Money Trivia Game Giveaway. We’re giving away a $100 M&M Meat Shops gift card a day through the month of October, and a Grand Prize of $3,000 cash.

Good luck!


Stupid HST!

My rent is going to go up in January by $8 per month.   I don't pay for electric, heat or water by my rent is going up and I bet its cause of the stupid HST! 

I live in city housing at Baldwin and Henry (i.e. public housing) so my rent isn't that bad but its still more money.   The economy is bad yet the poor are being punished again and again.  

Moderator Nomination...

Hey all,
I started this community a LONG, long, long time ago. I don't get on to LJ as often as I did in the past. Please nominate (yourself, if you like) a moderator for the community to delete spam and spiff up the community to 2010 standards!? Thank you!!
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